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Conference equipment

The technical equipment for a conference is of the utmost importance. Only a few firms are specialized in this highly sophisticated area of activity. We have been working with a number of trusted partners for several years.

This cooperation has put us on the same wavelength about the installations needed to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Together with our partners, we can provide the installation to suit your needs, from the smallest Infoport installation (a mini case and a mike transmitter) which the interpreter brings with him or her to the most sophisticated installations with 10 booths.
We can rent the best interpreting equipment available on the market (Bosch, Sennheiser or Philips infrared devices) and the most sophisticated installations (ISO 4043 compliant booths, latest generation multichannel consoles, etc.  We also use the latest Bosch consoles that can feature up to 26 translation channels).   

It is very important for interpreters and technicians to work closely together.
A team is actually composed with due attention to the active and passive languages used in the meeting, with the possibility of certain relays, etc.

We have been working together with the same technical firms for thirty years, and that is not by chance. Thanks to this cooperation of long standing, we are exactly on the same wavelength.