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Intermediaries for Roche and H&M
During the last three weeks, our translation agency selected interpreters for two major Workers’ Councils which represented in all 8 days of work for 20 interpreters... more info
Rue Philippe Le Bon 64,
1000 Brussels
Tel. : +32 (0) 2 734 01 11
Open: Mon - Thu 9:00 - 17:00
Fri 9:00-15:00.
By appointment.

Our reference clients

Many clients opt to remain with us after an initial interpretation or translation assignment on a trial basis.

We will gladly provide (upon request) the names and phone numbers of our contact persons as well as references of companies or organizations that use our interpretation or translation services.

These includes several international professional bodies (architects for instance) numerous permanent representations from European countries to the EU, or simply companies that require our services for their works councils. We also contribute to the interpretation of European programmes, like MEDA and EURES, through the bodies that have been appointed by the European Commission to run these programmes.

Furthermore, several Belgian ministeries have been working with us for many years.