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Intermediaries for Roche and H&M
During the last three weeks, our translation agency selected interpreters for two major Workers’ Councils which represented in all 8 days of work for 20 interpreters... more info
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Event organization

You are organizing an event, a conference, an international meeting and are wondering about many questions...that is quite understandable, as in many cases you will only do this once a year...

As professionals who have been working in this field for more than twenty years, we can advise you. We know the right questions and the answers to the questions!

  • What kind of meeting place or meeting room will suit your needs?
  • How many interpreters do you need?
  • What are the travel costs for meetings in Belgium or abroad?
  • Are meals to be provided?
  • Do the interpreters need any documents or a full text of the speech?
  • How many microphones do you need?

We deal with these matters for several meetings every day!

Do not hesitate to ask for advice and a price quotation without any obligation.

Once you make your decision, we  take care of everything: from tickets reservation and payment for any air tickets to copying of your documents in sufficient numbers not to mention our core business of course: the selection and hiring of the interpreters according to your languages and topics. We can also provide the necessary technical equipment if you wish.

Do not hesitate to ask us a price quotation.