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Intermediaries for Roche and H&M
During the last three weeks, our translation agency selected interpreters for two major Workers’ Councils which represented in all 8 days of work for 20 interpreters... more info
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Conference equipment

The technical equipment of a conference is of the utmost importance. Very few companies are really specialized in this state-of-the-art type of equipment. We have been working with a few trustworthy partners for several years now. This co-operation enables us to speak the same language when deciding what kind of equipment is best suited for your event.

Whether you chose the smaller Infoport system (a simple case with one microphone and a few headsets) that the interpreter can bring along and set up himself or a more sophisticated equipment with 10 booths, full sound equipment and video from your PC or personal notebook, we can provide a tailor-made solution with our partner technicians.

We can rent the best interpretation equipment available (infra-red by Sennheiser, Philips or Bosch) and the most sophisticated systems (ISO 4043 booths, DCN by Philips etc...). It is very important that interpreters and technicians get along well.

We select our teams with regard to the active and passive languages used in the meeting, taking into account the need for some relays between booths, etc... It is no coincidence that we have been working with the same technical firms for more than 20 years already. This co-operation of long standing enables us to speak the same language.    

For smaller meeting, it is also possible to use an Infoport system with one microphone and the number of headsets you need (even if it is one!). This system does not require the presence of a technician. Quality first!

We also use the latest Bosch interpreters’ desks and headsets which make it possible to work into 26 translation channels.
Do not hesitate to ask for a price quotation.